A legacy passed on through generations laid the corner stone for a success story twenty years ago when Modern Systems and Computer Trade Company (MSCT) was established.

With a shining history backing them up and experienced professionals on their team, MSCT quickly became one of the premier IT companies in Jordan with a unique foothold in the Jordanian Market. The new MSCT Headquarter in Swefieh Amman is home to a prestigious array of global brands and a family of 70+ employees working together to o er these brands to both corporate and retail. MSCT provides on a nationwide level a variety of services related to solutions, distribution, hardware, support and training. Its customer-focused forward-looking approach made it possible for MSCT to continue to be one of the nation’s premier companies.

The successful establishment that is MSCT now started out as a family business back in 1991 selling Toner Rechargers and Apple accessories. Hard work and persistence lead to the acquisition of bigger brands in the Press world such as Konica Minolta, and further success stories earned them authorization to be Apple Resellers. This winning streak allowed MSCT to expand its reach in the Press and Professional Solutions fields, adding more prestigious brands to their portfolio such as Screen Media Technology and Ryobi. Meanwhile MSCT shined as the best Apple Authorized Reseller in Jordan and so dedicated a one of a kind store just for Apple that was and still is the only Apple Premium Reseller in Jordan: iSystem.


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iSystem Apple Premium Reseller

Amman - Abdali Mall - First floor - Gate 5.


+00962 6 4011263

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